Carnivore Ratatouille & Other Yummies {What I’m Eating This Week}

zoodle-spaghettiRecently I got a spiralizer, and let me just say, I love it. Zucchini has been my favorite thing to “spiralize” so far, and I’ve gone a bit crazy with the zucchini noodles (which actually have the name of “zoodles,” I found out).  Continue reading


Lunch Sack Snacks…And Banana Bread

lunch-sackI have to carry lunch to work several days a week right now…so let’s just say I’m getting really creative at packing lunches. Although these recipes have made it on the blog before, I figured since I still use them as my go-to recipes, they were worth sharing a second time: Continue reading

Thai Red Curry with Vegetables

This is my happy place…
Plus, I like pretty food. 🙂 red thai curry

Indian and Thai recipes are my “comfort” food. And the great thing about this meal is that I pre-cut all of the veggies when I went to the grocery store last week and put them in the freezer.

So even though tonight I felt too tired to cook after a long week, this was a fairly simple meal, because I just had to pull half of the ingredients out of the freezer. Even the kale was chopped and frozen in little baggies (one HUGE head of kale has lasted several meals!). I wasn’t sure what I would think about the kale, but in this recipe, I like it. 🙂 red thai curry 2

Click here for the link. Serve over rice (and maybe a splash of srirachi chili sauce)…Enjoy!

Pumpkin Season

red oak autumnIt’s fall!!
The other day, I was driving behind a big truck filled with hay bales, and I got ridiculously excited for fall–the season of harvest, pumpkins, planting bulbs, changing leaves, apple cider and warm soups!
Believe it or not, sometimes I have to remind myself to look up and watch the changing of the leaves….don’t miss this season. It is my favorite time of year, but I’ve been so busy and stressed with life, that sometimes I forget to lift my eyes and breathe in the cool air and just enjoy the moment. Yesterday, I picked up a large orange leaf and carried it with me in the car all day, just to remind me to enjoy this season… Continue reading