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farm eggs 1“When we resist living within our ordinary days, we are in danger of losing a sense of ourselves. We don’t need to walk away from our routines and daily rhythms to find something more interesting. More often we need to wake up to them” (A Million Little Ways, p. 118).

Sometimes we can feel like we’ve gotten lost in the “ordinary.” It’s so hard to see past the mundane “ins” and “outs” of life. But beauty can be found even here; we just have to open up our eyes to see it. My hope is that through this blog (and others that I will share), we may all come away inspired to be more who we were created to be, and live the life we were created to live–even in the midst of the ordinary. And in the process, my hope is that we would learn to be more grateful for the life we have, and find that it is actually, indeed, extraordinary.

“To honor what is ordinary about our lives [by being grateful], because that is what’s truly extraordinary.” ~Brene Brown (more about this in a previous post)

Here are some of the categories you will find on this blog:
Recipes – all gluten free, and some are also dairy free and/or grain free (look at the tabs on each post)
Crafts & Gifts – fun things to make and give
Books – these are definitely worth a read!
Random Musings – some of my thoughts about life
Links – my favorite blogs and other resources
Plus many more “lovely things“! 🙂

I hope that you enjoy looking around, exploring, and being inspired!


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