Learning to Simplify – Part 2 of 3

photo 1-3I did not intend for this to become a series, but after I wrote the previous post, I was challenged in the Sunday message at my church to embrace limitations…To look at the actual limits that I may encounter where I am and use that to spark creativity. Continue reading


Warm Fuzzies

pewter cup 4Depending on where you live, right now it’s either really cold or really, really cold (unless you live in the Southern Hemisphere where it is summer right now…or Florida….but that doesn’t count). So, for this post, I thought that I would share a few of the things that are helping keep me warm right now on these cold days. These are things that I love, too, and I’m hoping you will love them as well! 🙂 Continue reading

Spice Cake (2 ways!) + Other Homemade Gifts :)

pumkin carving fun 2Let me be the first to say that I try not to think about planning for Christmas in any way until the day after Thanksgiving. The ladies at my office put up 3 Christmas trees last week, and started listening to Christmas music….too soon! I wanted to say. However, some holiday preparations and gift-giving may take a little extra time and planning…but in the end, it is worth it.

Such is the case with my Etsy shop, Bitty Gifts. Continue reading

Sacred Days

imageMay and June seem to be the time for several momentous days for many people. Daily I hear news of precious little babies being born, or friends getting engaged or married. Some are graduating high school, and my own “little” sister graduated from college this weekend (I can hardly believe it).

It occurred to me this week that we also encounter many other “sacred days,” if we will only open our eyes and quiet our hearts enough to see it: Continue reading

Jewelry Fun :)

necklaceOK, I have to brag just a little bit. I just finished making this cute necklace for my Etsy shop (click here), and I am so proud of it! 🙂 These necklaces can be custom-made with different words and color schemes, and the background pendant is created in a complementary color.

I love that these necklaces can be fun and inspirational at the same time!

P.S. Go check out my Etsy shop for more information on this or other gifts available! 🙂