No-Sew Living Room Couch Makeover

couch-12-afterThis weekend, I tackled the project of covering my living room couch. Before this makeover, I lovingly referred to this couch as “the ugliest couch in all creation.”  Continue reading


Making a Gratitude Tree

pic 1I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of making a gratitude tree, but have never actually done it before. The idea is simple: put a bunch of branches in a vase or other container, and hang paper “leaves” on it that state what you are grateful for. This would be a great activity for kids to get involved with, too. And this doesn’t have to just be for the Thanksgiving season; in fact, I’m thinking about keeping mine in my house year-round. For me, it helps my heart remember and focus on the joy and blessings that God has surrounded me with. Continue reading

Thoughts on Decorating…and Re-decorating

front entry Ok, I’ll admit it…Ever since Fixer Upper arrived on Netflix, I may or may not have watched the whole first season in less than a week. I like it because it doesn’t make me want to go out and buy a bunch of stuff. It actually inspires me to use what I already have to create a beautiful home…and I may or may not have gone on a redecorating spree of my entire house. Continue reading

Making a Home

fall applesFor several weeks this summer, I thought that I might be moving apartments. The stress of looking for another place ensued…trying to find something that fit what I needed, only to end up staying where I am currently living. It was actually a good choice in the grand scheme of things. But I had already taken pockets of time over several days to pack up all of my breakables–mostly my tea stuff–in anticipation for an upcoming move. Then, once I decided to stay, I did not have the heart to unpack all of the treasures that had been so carefully and individually wrapped up. Continue reading

Sights, Sounds, and Smells (a.k.a., “Finding Fall”)

imageThis tea smells like fall. I found a stray tea bag in the tea box I keep at work, and ended up going around the office asking my co-workers to take a whiff: “Smell this…It smells like fall!” 🙂

This article motivated me in decorating for fall.

This recipe is my first official baking of the autumn season. I actually didn’t refrigerate the dough this time, but I think that’s because the coconut oil wasn’t all the way melted. I barely had enough molasses in the jar, and I didn’t have any eggs. But I subbed in two tablespoons of cornstarch and whipped these up for life group this week. I’m actually not that used to this much sugar, but it was a good treat 🙂

These fingerless gloves make me ready for cooler weather…Lots of fall accessories coming to my Etsy shop, Bitty Gifts–for women, and for little ones!