Creative Ideas for Your Weekend :)

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve taken up residence in the world of Instagram…and this is where you will continue to find inspiring ideas, gluten-free recipes, and more! Follow me on Instagram to discover beauty in the “everyday”! Continue reading


Learning to Show Up

showing up 5I’m currently reading a new book called Just Show Up by Kara Tippetts and Jill Buteyn. In this book, very personal stories are shared about daily life, unimaginable hardships, and learning to live friendship and this life side by side. She challenges us to “just show up”–literally–in people’s lives. Be there. Be present. Continue reading

Making a Home

fall applesFor several weeks this summer, I thought that I might be moving apartments. The stress of looking for another place ensued…trying to find something that fit what I needed, only to end up staying where I am currently living. It was actually a good choice in the grand scheme of things. But I had already taken pockets of time over several days to pack up all of my breakables–mostly my tea stuff–in anticipation for an upcoming move. Then, once I decided to stay, I did not have the heart to unpack all of the treasures that had been so carefully and individually wrapped up. Continue reading