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Where I Call Home

Author and blogger Tsh Oxenrider has just released a new book called At Home in the World

I have not read this book…yet. But I have listened to Tsh talk about it on her podcast, and am so looking forward to reading it soon. Tsh shares the story of her family’s year of travel around the world, but also challenges us to be at home in our own places–wherever we may find ourselves.

And then, to celebrate the release of this book, Tsh set out several challenges for us to share our own stories. This is the specific challenge I picked up:

Tell why you’ve chosen to stay
wherever it is you call home. 

This has been something I’ve come face to face with yet again this year. So I’m glad to have the opportunity to wrap a few words (and lots of pictures) around my thoughts on this subject…not just for you, dear reader, but also (maybe most of all) for me.

I live in a small town, which some people may see as a disadvantage. Sure, there are some days that I can’t get around the fact that I could get paid more living somewhere else (however, the cost of living would be higher, too!). But then, this area has grown on me. (Besides, there’s also an advantage to only needing to drive 5 minutes to get downtown)

I like my favorite little coffee shop downtown…

I love that you can see for miles, and watch incredible sunrises and sunsets, and the vast expanses of clouds and sky.

But most of all, the real reason for staying here is that God has called me to put roots down here. Why? Because of the people. He has stirred up my heart to reach people right where I’m at. 

And in the meantime, he has surrounded me with a great gift…friends who become family.

So, yeah, maybe it’s not what I thought life would look like at one point, but it’s where I am, and it’s home.

And I choose to love the life I have. 🙂 


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