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An Almost-Weekend Post

layers of colorThis post is full of random musings, but things I thought worth sharing 🙂

– In gardening news, I have Anaheim peppers coming out my ears! So…what better way to use them than by roasting and freezing, using this tutorial from the Pioneer Woman? 🙂

anaheim peppers– Try making ratatouille with whatever veggies you have in the fridge (I used yellow squash, onion, sweet potato and fresh garden red bell peppers)…I layered mine to look pretty, which is time-consuming, but I think, like the making of pie crust, it’s quite therapeutic.recipe box– I have a whole theory about hand-written notes…I think there’s something unique and special about them that just can’t be captured through email or texts (although I do plenty of both). I now think the same thing about recipe cards. I finally put a bunch of recipes in my recipe box that had previously only been put on the blog. For me, there’s something about the hand-written recipe card that just makes me smile 🙂

– And just because music plays a big part in my life, I thought I would share a bit from one of my favorite albums right now:

“I’ll learn to love these days, life along the way,
In the middle of the crazy, God, Your love is so amazing
Through the ups and downs, You’re the only hope I’ve found
Learn to be ‘me’ in the madness
So I’ll learn to love these days.”
(Mandisa, “These Days“)


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