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About Me

my favoriteMy name is Heather. I am a daughter, sister, granddaughter, friend. I am a creative, loving, compassionate, question-asking, hot tea-loving, guitar-playing, star-gazing, unique young woman. And this is my journey. (See About This Blog link for more)

I had originally started this site as a food blog, to document when I stopped eating gluten, and to give me a place to post new recipes. I still will be posting recipes (who doesn’t like new, yummy food ideas?). But over the last year or so, as I’ve discovered more about myself, I decided that I wanted to expand my blog a little more.

If you have been following me for a while, you will have seen the changes coming…I have been writing more about “life” things, and thrown in ideas for crafts, gifts, and inspirational videos, etc. Now the change is official 🙂

Please take time to browse…explore…peruse…and hopefully come away with new creative ideas to take beauty into your own daily moments.


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