Crockpot Cajun Chicken Alfredo Pasta

Although I’m one to think that crockpots are great any time of year, there may be a couple reasons they are especially good in the summer:

  1. They don’t heat up your kitchen
  2. You can usually just put the meal together in the crockpot, and then not think about it for the rest of the day

So whether you’re busy working, taking your kids to summer volleyball practice, or hanging out at the pool, crockpot recipes are a life-saver.

Last week, when I was visiting my parents, my younger sister made this recipe for Cajun Chicken Pasta in the crockpot, and I was inspired to try it. While I have several favorite recipes, I tend to get stuck on the same ones, so I was ready to try something new.  Continue reading


Carnivore Ratatouille & Other Yummies {What I’m Eating This Week}

zoodle-spaghettiRecently I got a spiralizer, and let me just say, I love it. Zucchini has been my favorite thing to “spiralize” so far, and I’ve gone a bit crazy with the zucchini noodles (which actually have the name of “zoodles,” I found out).  Continue reading

Carne Asada–in the Crockpot!

carne asadaConfession: I did not pick out the correct meat for this recipe.

I have almost zero knowledge when it comes to picking out red meats. I know…In all the blogs, books, and websites, it says that you should plan your menu before you go to the grocery store. And, in most cases, I do. But during my last grocery trip, when I saw meat was on sale, I decided to try broadening my horizons.

That’s when it hit me.  Continue reading