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Quinoa (pronounced KEEN-wah)

Before going gluten free, I had never heard of quinoa. And until recently, I didn’t know that quinoa can be prepared in different ways. Quinoa is an ancient grain, originally from South and Central America. One of the unique qualities of quinoa is that it has protein already in it, unlike most other grains, earning it the name of a “complete grain.”

There is whole grain quinoa, which is very versatile, and similar to oatmeal (in sweet recipes) or rice (in savory recipes). It looks similar to amaranth grains. In sweeter recipes, you can add fruit and sweetener (like maple syrup or agave nectar) for a great morning treat. In more savory recipes, quinoa can be made into several kinds of salads or even soups. Here and here are some recipes that I made recently with whole grain quinoa.

Then there’s quinoa flakes.
 Quinoa flakes, straight from the box, looks (to me, at least) like oatmeal:
You can also make your own quinoa flour (when a recipe calls for it) by putting your quinoa flakes in a blender. Here and here are some of the recipes I’ve tried with quinoa flakes.


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