Carne Asada–in the Crockpot!

carne asadaConfession: I did not pick out the correct meat for this recipe.

I have almost zero knowledge when it comes to picking out red meats. I know…In all the blogs, books, and websites, it says that you should plan your menu before you go to the grocery store. And, in most cases, I do. But during my last grocery trip, when I saw meat was on sale, I decided to try broadening my horizons.

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For Times Like These

20130801-222431.jpgI heard this paraphrase version (from the Voice paraphrase) of Psalm 23 spoken on the radio earlier this week. As heretical as it may sound, Psalm 23 is not usually a favorite psalm of mine. But the way that this chapter was worded really resonated with me personally. In light of what’s happening in our nation, and in light of whatever struggles you may personally be going through, I hope this is an encouragement to you:

The Eternal is my shepherd, He cares for me always.
He provides me rest in rich, green fields
    beside streams of refreshing water.
    He soothes my fears;
He makes me whole again,
    steering me off worn, hard paths
    to roads where truth and righteousness echo His name.

Even in the unending shadows of death’s darkness,
    I am not overcome by fear.
Because You are with me in those dark moments,
    near with Your protection and guidance,
    I am comforted.

You spread out a table before me,
    provisions in the midst of attack from my enemies;
You care for all my needs, 
    anointing my head with soothing, fragrant oil,
filling my cup again and again with Your grace.
Certainly Your faithful protection and loving provision 
    will pursue me where I go, always, everywhere.
I will always be with the Eternal,
    in Your house forever.

When Life Seems Bare

My garden has been bare all year.

I kept meaning to plant something, but kept putting it off. It just hasn’t been on the top of my priority list. I didn’t even plant any pots of flowers on the porch (except I am nurturing a little citronella plant that was given to me by my neighbors).citronella plant

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