Chasing You {What I’m Listening To}

Chasing You

You hide, I want to find You, go
And I will follow You
I want to be where You are

As you move, I’m right beside You, oh
I’m running after You
I want to be where You are

I’m chasing You
I’m so in love
Captivated, I just can’t get enough
I’ll spend my days
Running after Your heart
Your heart, Your heart, Whoa

I’m chasing You
With all my love
Captivated, I just can’t get enough
I’ll spend my days 
Running after Your heart
Your heart, Your heart, Whoa

Heart, You’ve won me heart and soul
And where You lead I’ll go
I want to be where You are

From the moment I rise, to the moment I sleep
My affection is for You, and even as I dream
I want to know you, I’m after Your heart

This life, this love, was always meant to be
A wild, crazy adventure, discovering
The thrill, the rush, the more of You I see
The more it leaves me wanting
You’re everything, You’re everything

Zebra Cake (a.k.a. Wacky Cake)

wacky cake 1Recently, a friend of mine had a birthday…so I made her this cake. 

What’s so special about this cake? you may ask. Well, this recipe for chocolate cake goes all the way back to the Great Depression. I usually call it the Great Depression cake, but as a blog post title, that’s not exactly enthralling. This cake is also called Crazy Cake or Wacky Cake–and today I decided to call it Zebra Cake. wacky cake 2

Call it what you will, it’s yummy. And the best part? It can be mixed in one bowl (or in the pan you’re baking in).

During the Great Depression, there was often a shortage of butter, eggs, and milk, so this cake is made without all of these ingredients. It uses only water, and the chemical reaction of baking soda and vinegar for leavening. wacky cake 3

Enough words…here’s the recipe (as a side note, I ground up oats for my flour). I also love this site, because she has other kinds of cake (not just chocolate) that can be made the same way! I can’t wait to try the other kinds:)

I mixed up some basic icing:
1 c. powdered sugar
1 T. water
1 t. vanilla

Mix it all in a ziplock bag, cut a small snip out of the corner, and pipe it onto the cake. As you can see, you can do fun swirls, or just drizzle it on.

Honestly, I like this cake plain (more like a brownie). With the icing, it was too sweet for me, so after sampling my cake, I cut up serving sizes and put them in the freezer for later.:)wacky cake 5

The icing definitely adds a nice touch for special occasions like birthdays, though! wacky cake 4