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Around the World in 80 Recipes {and More!} – Part 1

007When I was little, I used to make myself paper “tickets,” and pretend that I was in some exotic country (like the Philippines or China) for 1-2 weeks. During those weeks, I would read everything I could find about the culture, language, food, and missionaries that worked there.
Sometimes, I still get a “travel bug,” and so I’ll jump in the kitchen and “travel” through cooking ethnic foods. I’d like to share some of the ones that have been my steady go-to recipes (some having been posted on this blog before), as well as trying some new ones along the way. Also, I didn’t think I’d actually make it to 80 recipes in a decent amount of time, so I’ll be adding other little tidbits and links as part of the count, too šŸ™‚

1. Gulab Jamun {India}
This dessert from northern India is of course my first entry, because it is usually the first thing I make when I am craving Indian food (or sometimes I will just go to the spice cabinet and take a good whiff of the ground cardamom!). I had Indian neighbors that I occasionally babysat for in junior high and high school, and the mother showed me how to make these.Ā 

2. “Share the Well” cd from Caedmon’s Call {India, Ecuador, Brazil}
Caedmon’s Call created this cd during an around-the-globe trip into three different countries. Not only does it paint for me a picture of other cultures, but reminds me of the needs of those around the world, and how God is reaching them where they are.

3. West African Sweet Potato Soup from Gluten Free Goddess {Africa}
I did not know if I would like this soup, but the sweet potatoes, peanut butter, and other spices actually blend together really well. It surprised me how much I really enjoyed this soup! Give it a try šŸ™‚

4. “Soul of a New Cuisine” cookbook {Africa}
Although I had heard about this cookbook before from another food blog, I didn’t really pay attention to it until I ran across it in my local public library. This cookbook explains about the different flavors and distinct tastes of the various regions on the African continent. Depending on where you land, the foods and spices you find may be vastly different. This cookbook is not only full of yummy recipes (well, at least there are more that I want to try than I initially thought I would!), but it also has breathtaking pictures that make you feel like you’ve really landed among the African people.


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