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Around the World in 80 Recipes {and More!} – Part 3

orange treesContinuing my virtual trip through the countries of the world…In case you need to catch up on my whole series so far, here’s the links:
Part 1
Part 2

10. Coconut Chicken Curry from Martha Stewart Living {Kenya}
East African cooking has many influences of Middle Eastern cuisine…so you might just as well find this dish in India or Afghanistan. I love the additions of rice and coconut milk 🙂 I wasn’t sure if I was going to like this, but it’s actually good!

11. Fried Plantains {Guatemala}
This tutorial teaches you how to make fried plantains, which are common throughout many parts of Latin America. My sister went to Guatemala a couple years ago, and said this tastes like what they made there.

12. “Many Hands Cooking” cookbookmany hands
This was my first international cookbook 🙂 It’s a book that teaches kids the basics of cooking, and introduces them to some staple foods from around the world.

13. Kindness is the same in any language {Thailand}
This commercial made it’s way around Facebook several months ago, but I still think about it. Even when it’s not in a language I understand, kindness still speaks the same way to everyone.

14. Gobi Keema – Grated Cauliflower dish {India}
I have found a new meatless main dish, with the yummy spices of India; this is a recipe from northern India…Serve with pita bread or corn tortillas.

15. Melktert or “Milk tart” {South Africa}
I’ve recently met a new friend from South Africa, and she said that this is one of her favorite desserts, so I decided to make it this week. 🙂 South Africa has a lot of influence from the Dutch, and this is reflected in parts of their cooking, such as this custard-type pie. I used this recipe for the pie crust, using an oat flour, buckwheat flour, and cornstarch blend. Also, for the custard, I used almond milk. This is reminiscent of my mom’s buttermilk pie recipe 🙂

milk tart 1


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