When Life Seems Bare

My garden has been bare all year.

I kept meaning to plant something, but kept putting it off. It just hasn’t been on the top of my priority list. I didn’t even plant any pots of flowers on the porch (except I am nurturing a little citronella plant that was given to me by my neighbors).citronella plant

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Summer projects & ventures

20130618-210442.jpgHere’s my first home-grown cherry tomato!! I’m growing my plant in a hanging basket, so i’ve been able to keep it protected from the earlier frosts of the spring.
There’s nothing quite like tomatoes fresh from the garden 🙂

If you’re like me, summertime gets you in the mood to start new projects and try new adventures. My most recent project was refinishing my dresser, which is a basic pinewood chest of drawers that was made by my great-grandfather. Up till now, I’ve been afraid to touch it, but it was in desperate need of a fix-up job. I decided to be brave and try staining it a color instead of just a wood finish. I told my mom that she would be proud of me, since I picked green as my decorating color of choice this time 🙂20130618-210723.jpg20130618-210749.jpg

Here’s a great link that I found extremely helpful in answering questions about refinishing furniture!

I hope you also have been embarking on new summer adventures, both big and small!