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Sacred Days

imageMay and June seem to be the time for several momentous days for many people. Daily I hear news of precious little babies being born, or friends getting engaged or married. Some are graduating high school, and my own “little” sister graduated from college this weekend (I can hardly believe it).

It occurred to me this week that we also encounter many other “sacred days,” if we will only open our eyes and quiet our hearts enough to see it:
Remembering miracles, people being healed, little ones being adopted into forever families.
The feeling of the warm sun on a cool spring day (with no dirt blowing today!).
Watching a family of birds with little ones in their nest.
Blowing bubbles, blowing kisses, giggles in the dark.
Getting an encouraging note, or writing one.
Seeing someone smile, because they feel free for the first time.
Laughing with co-workers; making new friends.imageAnd sometimes, the moments may not seem all that “sacred”…Recently I have been decorating my new work office, and in creating my own decor for the space (mostly from scratch, and a little help from Pinterest), I am re-discovering my creative, artistic side, and it makes my heart come alive, and be full of joy.
To me, this is how God created our hearts to be–fully alive–and so, to me, I think this kind of moment is sacred.imageSo take time to pause, observe, and be grateful for every little, precious, sacred moment.image

imageimageOn that note, a special moment coming up soon is Mother’s Day…If you are still looking for some gift ideas for your mom or another special woman in your life, here are some ideas that I have found that I thought I’d share:

12 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – from The Handmade Home
More Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – from The Handmade Home
Flowers are always a good option, in my opinion!…This is not exactly a Mother’s Day post, but I think these beautiful pictures of flowers at the blog Rosegolden Flowers are worth sharing.

And, although it is too late to order in time for Mother’s Day, check out new jewelry and other handmade accessories in my Etsy shop, Bitty Gifts (click here)…Perhaps you could give a belated Mother’s Day or “beginning of summer” gift? 🙂

Or, for a new mom-to-be, what about these adorable crocheted flip-flops? (boy and girl designs available)baby flip flops 2

boy baby flip flops


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