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Summer Crafts

large sign 1After watching an episode of Undercover Boss this weekend on Netflix about a flower shop, I decided that I needed flowers on my kitchen table–right then.

Not wanting to go to the store and buy some (being as lazy as possible on a Saturday means not leaving the house if I can help it), I decided to make miniature tissue paper flowers.image

Yes, like the ones I made in kindergarten that had fifteen layers and were the size of my face! 🙂
But these are modified a little, and actually I think very pretty. Carnations have always been a favorite of mine, so I went with red flowers. I also was excited to use the old Coke bottle that I found (unharmed and whole) in a parking lot.

The main differences with these flowers from the ones that I made when I was five years old are:

1) They are smaller

2) They only have 4 layers (but of course you can do more)

3) The ends of the petals are cut (see this tutorial for cutting the petals to resemble different flowers)image

imageimageI made these flowers while waiting for the paint layers to dry on this sign I’ve been wanting to make for my new office. This is similar to the smaller signs that I’ve been making for my Etsy shop, Bitty Gifts (click here for more info).large sign 2

I hope everyone is having a great summer, and enjoying whatever opportunities come your way!image


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