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Learning to Simplify – Part 2 of 3

photo 1-3I did not intend for this to become a series, but after I wrote the previous post, I was challenged in the Sunday message at my church to embrace limitations…To look at the actual limits that I may encounter where I am and use that to spark creativity.

One of the people I learned about was Valerie Jardin, who put away all of her fancy photography equipment for a 35mm camera. Inspired by this, I decided to take a week and shoot pictures only in black and white (more on this to come in the next post…stay tuned!). Although I don’t take many black and white photos, to me, they seem to quiet all the noise so that the viewer can really focus on what is captured within the picture.photo 3

photo 2-2I was also challenged in this message to find beauty where I am right now…in the “ordinary.” And isn’t that what I want this whole blog to be about anyway?

Even with my Etsy shop, I fall prey to wanting more and bigger things…but what if I just used what I had to create? That’s how I got started in the first place…imagine

necklacebaby flip flops 2Then I become open to the possibilities again of what could be–right where I am–and find beauty in the “everyday.” And joy comes into my heart with that. 🙂


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