Sights, Sounds, and Smells (a.k.a., “Finding Fall”)

imageThis tea smells like fall. I found a stray tea bag in the tea box I keep at work, and ended up going around the office asking my co-workers to take a whiff: “Smell this…It smells like fall!” :)

This article motivated me in decorating for fall.

This recipe is my first official baking of the autumn season. I actually didn’t refrigerate the dough this time, but I think that’s because the coconut oil wasn’t all the way melted. I barely had enough molasses in the jar, and I didn’t have any eggs. But I subbed in two tablespoons of cornstarch and whipped these up for life group this week. I’m actually not that used to this much sugar, but it was a good treat :)

These fingerless gloves make me ready for cooler weather…Lots of fall accessories coming to my Etsy shop, Bitty Gifts–for women, and for little ones!

Enter Autumn

imageFall is upon us! :)

I love this season, and already I feel like it is going by too fast. This year, as my schedule is getting busier, I have felt like God has been challenging me to slow down, simplify, and savor the moment. Even in the midst of a busy schedule, to remember what really matters, take a deep breath, and be intentional. This means being intentional with my time management, with my budget, and with the relationships of good friends I have all around me.  Continue reading