My latest project

imageI think I am becoming an accidental “do-it-yourself”er (DIYer), just because of the sheer fact that I don’t like to spend a lot of money on most decorating stuff. My latest project was for my new office, which had two chairs that were decked in the 60’s avocado green and bright orange.

I knew as soon as I saw them: something has to be done with those. Continue reading

Sacred Days

imageMay and June seem to be the time for several momentous days for many people. Daily I hear news of precious little babies being born, or friends getting engaged or married. Some are graduating high school, and my own “little” sister graduated from college this weekend (I can hardly believe it).

It occurred to me this week that we also encounter many other “sacred days,” if we will only open our eyes and quiet our hearts enough to see it: Continue reading