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No-Sew Living Room Couch Makeover

couch-12-afterThis weekend, I tackled the project of covering my living room couch. Before this makeover, I lovingly referred to this couch as “the ugliest couch in all creation.” couch-1-before

But it’s really comfortable, well-made, and it was free. So after living with it for years, I decided to finally make a change (I’ve been wanting to get around to this for months!).

There are tons of DIY sites out there, with lots of instructions, so mine’s going to be mainly pictures. That’s the thing I missed as I was doing my “research”: there weren’t many step-by-step pictures. The directions I most closely followed came from this site. It really does come down to a lot of tucking and stapling and folding and pinning (lots of it however you think looks good!).

Here are some pictures of the tucking process. I used 6×9′ canvas drop cloths…The arm rests are covered by 1/2 of one each. Just snip with the scissors and it tears in a straight line! couch-2couch-3couch-4couch-5couch-6

Then, armed with a staple gun borrowed from a friend, I secured the back and sides (you’ll need a few safety pins also). With this couch, there was a wood frame under the arm rests, so I stapled there, too. I ended up not using any upholstery pins on mine; I like the simple, plain look. couch-7

The cushions are literally wrapped and pinned with safety pins. The middle (perfect square) one is nicely wrapped…couch-8

The others look horrendous on the underside…But nobody’s going to see it…Oh wait, this just went out over the Internet…couch-9

Well, know that it doesn’t have to be perfect, and it can still be pretty and comfortable! couch-11

The pillows were covered following this tutorial. And voila! A pretty couch! 🙂 couch-13couch-10


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