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Carne Asada–in the Crockpot!

carne asadaConfession: I did not pick out the correct meat for this recipe.

I have almost zero knowledge when it comes to picking out red meats. I know…In all the blogs, books, and websites, it says that you should plan your menu before you go to the grocery store. And, in most cases, I do. But during my last grocery trip, when I saw meat was on sale, I decided to try broadening my horizons.

That’s when it hit me. 

Standing there next to the 40% off sign, I realized: I know almost nothing about picking out red meats. Usually, I just stick with frozen chicken that can be thrown in the crockpot. Aside from rump roast (also only ever done in the crockpot) and hamburger meat, I’m pretty much clueless. And I ended up picking out cube steak. Mostly used for chicken fried steak, or meat and gravy…neither of which I am very fond of.

So I elected to ignore the fact that I bought the wrong kind of meat, and decided to make this Slow Cooker Carne Asada. Everything tastes better with fajita seasoning, right?

Needless to say, the texture turned out more like carne guisada (ground meat) instead of carne asada (shredded meat). But the flavor is so good, I had to share.

Besides, it’s carne asada. (one of my favorites)

And in the crockpot.

How can it get any better than that??

So without further ado, here is the link to this recipe. And also, as a side note, when I made this, I had 10 minutes before I left for work, so I pulled the meat out of the freezer, and did not mix any of this together beforehand. I simply sprinkled this fajita seasoning mix over each layer of meat, then poured in the rest of the ingredients (lime juice, lemon juice, olive oil, soy sauce, white vinegar).


carne asada 2


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