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When Life Seems Bare

My garden has been bare all year.

I kept meaning to plant something, but kept putting it off. It just hasn’t been on the top of my priority list. I didn’t even plant any pots of flowers on the porch (except I am nurturing a little citronella plant that was given to me by my neighbors).citronella plant

And seeing that it’s June, I had resigned myself that I just wouldn’t have a garden this year. But then last weekend I went to my parents’ house, and my mom offered me a bushel of mint leaves from her overflowing garden. I gladly took it 🙂 mint

My grandmother used to have mint all in her side yard by the gate. Our oldest cousin taught us as kids how to chew the leaves like chewing gum…I never did think it was quite as good, though. 🙂mint 2

Seeing green again in my yard gives me hope…It just reminds me that even when I’m busy or overwhelmed or tired, I can make the choice to keep showing up. I read this post today: Keep showing up, keep choosing to be grateful, keep choosing life.

It’s in these small moments every day of choosing life that life truly springs up again.


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