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The One Thing I Thought I’d Never Do

dishwasing powderNever say never. Because you just may end up actually doing it some day.

Case in point: I thought that I would never make my own laundry detergent. Or dishwashing detergent. Or household cleaner. But in the last month, I have done all three. 

Call me a hippie if you want, but honestly, a penny-pincher would be a more accurate description. At these moments in time, I really did not want to make a run to the store. Hence the scouring of Pinterest and the Internet for DIY “recipes”–and I had all the ingredients already at my house! It helped that my sister left a giant container of Borax under the sink from her days of teaching preschool and making “frosted snowflakes” 🙂
(and yes, I rinsed and re-used an almost-empty Febreeze bottle from my linen closet as my newfound spray bottle)cleaner

Without further ado, here are the links I’ve used so far:


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