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Things that take my breath away

Every now and then, there are moments that take my breath away–when I just have to stop right there and be fully present. Sometimes it’s something big, like the incredible lightning storm right outside my front door last week. Complete with a full moon.lightning storm 2

Other times, it’s not really that “big”…but I still notice anyway.

Like the way the sun rays stream into my bedroom window in the late afternoon. I love that. I just sit or stand in the light for a minute and soak it in.bed and windowsunshine on the floor

Today the light reached all the way down the hallway where I was doing laundry after work…And suddenly a mundane chore turned into a holy moment. laundryBecause anytime I notice something good that God has gifted me with, and any time I stop and give thanks, it is here that I am aware that He is present, He is good, He delights in my delightingand that is a holy moment. laundry 2


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