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The community of God’s faithful


**I found this filed away in my post list…I didn’t post it in January like I had planned to. But this week, I’ve been thinking a lot about so many people in my life who I am grateful for…so I thought I’d share this now 🙂

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

the artistRecently I lost my first grandparent. Grandad, my mom’s dad. The artist. The storyteller. The lover of history. Always ready with a joke or wisecrack to get us giggling.

I learned so much from Grandad. I learned to be curious about the world, and to learn as much about history and the things around me as I could. Grandad taught us about the different types of birds in the area. We would sketch them in art lessons growing up (along with cows and squirrels). We learned about perspective and painting and pen-and-ink drawing and calligraphy. Norman Rockwell and missionaries in Japan and three-part harmony with my dad and uncle.

In a little book that my mind keeps going back to, the writer gives references to Jewish traditions, and parallels their practices to everyday life (for those who may not even be practicing Jews). Even though I am not Jewish, the routine of some of these practices fascinates me. About the mourning process, she says this:

The mourner who wants to weep in his cups alone is out of luck. On those days when he desires nothing more than to crawl back under the covers and shut out everything that breathes and has three dimensions, people pack into his home…[He prays] not alone in his den but there in the community of God’s faithful.
(Mudhouse Sabbath, p. 34-35)

This week has been kind of like that for me. Almost every night this week, I have spent time with some of my dearest friends. Sometimes it’s just a basketball game or hanging out with their little ones…And the introvert in me almost wants to just go home and be in the silence. But I need this, too. I need to know that I am not alone. I need to sit side by side with people, as I simultaneously mourn and imagine Grandad singing and drawing and laughing in heaven. And in this, I see again that I have people around me who will always be there.

It doesn’t even matter if I’m going through something “hard” or not…These are the people that I live life with, and choose to spend time with, and hopefully I can pour into their lives sometimes, too.

But for today, I receive, and just “be with,” and breathe grateful.


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