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A Small Part of the World

garden girlWatching this fun video early this morning took me back to my childhood days. The Lion King was my younger sister’s favorite movie, so needless to say, we watched it a lot when I was growing up. My sisters and I would even try to act out (or create dance choreography) to our favorite Disney movies. I really thought I had a future as an actress 🙂

I think there is a part of all of us that wants to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. Maybe it just makes us feel more “worthy” to know that we have been a part of helping with the greater good…

Now, there is a part of this that is true. Watching the documentary on Netflix about Pastor Lee’s “baby box” in South Korea tells me this. We all have people around us that we can reach out to and help. But I guess the real question is why?
Do we do it because it just makes us feel better inside, better about ourselves? Or is it something God is calling us to do?moon sky

I have been pondering this questions this week. During days when I thought that I would be on an airplane halfway around the world, life happened…I ended up staying near home, at my parents house, on a rainy afternoon. I thought that my motivation for going was good…I was going to visit a friend…But when I didn’t get to go, I realized that a lot of the motivation was just the trip itself. Not that I don’t care for and love the friend I wanted to visit (I do!), but I think I was trying to “prove” something to myself (and probably others) with this trip. I wanted to see that I could do it–that I was capable, independent, and strong enough. I wanted to see that I really am a part of something bigger than myself.sunshine on the floor

rainy daypianoThat’s why I love to travel. I love to meet people from other cultures, and I love to see how God is at work around the world. I love worshiping with the churches I have met in Mexico, and I love watching and reading about other people’s stories in far away lands. This has been true ever since I was in fifth grade.

But now I have started thinking: Does that mean that what God has called me to do here is any less important? 

No…but sometimes I act like it is.

Would I say that those who impact me on a weekly or daily basis are “less than” others in the kingdom of God, just because they live in a small town in West Texas? Absolutely not.

God is at work right here in our midst. God has called me to something here–something that is bigger than myself. Would I be so arrogant as to dismiss it and try to find something “better”? If I am not aware, I might miss out on what God is doing right here–right now…today. art scripture

So God has challenged me this week: “I want you to die to yourself here.” 

That sounds painful.
I don’t want to die to myself. But I have to if I am going to be able to join God in what He is doing. Because none of this has to do with me. Yes, I am obedient and follow where God leads me. But that is not out of my own strength. That is only when I completely surrender and yield to God’s heart here…when I die to myself and say yes to God, no matter what it may look like.

And God’s heart for me is good. He wants me to be a part of what He is doing in the earth–and it is a good thing! But to do that, I have to get past myself and allow God to focus my heart on Him–because He is the one that matters above all elseoak grafting


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