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Sacred Travels

booksI’m such a book nerd.
I’ve tried to suppress it. My coworkers don’t understand it.
I used to just think that my sister was the only one who loved books. But then I step foot back into a library again, and I get all excited inside about the prospect of learning new things. Sure, sometimes I go for the 5th grade fiction books like Wonder, Counting by 7’s, or Hope was Here…but then I also look forward to learning more about Lincoln or Bonhoeffer or how our thoughts literally affect our physical bodies. I’m currently reading this book, called Sacred Travels, and it is so fascinating to me, because there’s a part of me that has always wanted to travel.230

Even without actual travelling by car or plane, I can travel through books and allow my imagination to be dusted off and creativity released.
And the creativity’s in there somewhere, I know it.
I just tend to drown it out by staying busy or stressing myself out or telling myself I’m being ridiculously unreasonable.
But if I don’t dream, I’m not really living, am I?
Sure, everything may not turn out all how I want, but who’s to say I can’t dream big anyway?art

Reading is one way I do that. But it’s not the only way.
I love it when I encounter kids who can still use their imaginations–beyond video games, as in creating forts out of pillows and having imaginary escapades in the backyard.
Why can’t I be like that, too–even as an adult?
Yes, there’s planning and details to attend to (especially as I’m starting up a new business on the weekends), but f I don’t dream and imagine and create, what good is a new endeavor if it is not filled with life (and a little bit of fun and laughter)?
Imagination does not hinder you from your goals; it’s how your dreams and true goals are formed. imagination quote


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