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Thoughts about LIFE…

butterfly with broken wingI’ve been thinking a lot recently about life.

Not just the ordinary, everyday things that happen (which is most of the time what I write about). This time it’s about LIFE. The value of life–my life, your life, everyone’s life. The purpose of life.

Part of this is my own story (you can read a small bit here…there is much more to my story, but it would take a long time for me to tell it all…maybe some day…).

And part of it is just all of the things that are happening in our world right now.

With Gianna Jessen’s powerful testimony in front of Congress, my heart breaks for all the babies being killed and dismembered and sold for money right here in our country…

A co-worker sent an email this week about missionaries whose village has been overtaken by ISIS…They are going house to house, finding the Christians, and asking the children to renounce their faith. Not one of them will do it. And so these little ones are killed, right there in front of their families.

This week, I have faced people looking me in the eyes and saying that loved ones are wanting to end their lives…or they already have…and they don’t know what to do. I think, if we were honest, every family has been touched by monsters of suicide and depression…sometimes the battle’s won, sometimes not…raindrops

I keep thinking of this post on Ann Voskamp’s blog about this young woman who would rather end her own life than face the suffering of cancer. I don’t know what it’s like to face cancer. But I do know what it’s like to face illness that forever changes your life…and sometimes you want to give up right there…

But just because life is hard does not mean that we cannot walk through it well. Because when we are in Christ, we are not alone. And even in the pain and suffering and tears and questions and fears….God has called us to LIFE.hospital Scripture promises

So what do we do, when the world around us seems to be spinning out of control, and some things seem so big–how could anyone make any difference, and glimmer of hope? First, we can always pray…but not passive, scared prayers. No, we can thank our God that He is victorious! Declare it in the dark–None of this is too big for Him. He is always in control, and He is always with us. Sometimes that’s hard to see in this world, but it does not change the fact that it is true. We have the God of the universe on our side, fighting for us, walking with us, singing over us. We are never alone.precious

So what is God calling us to do? Respond to His voice, step out in courage, and speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves.
True, I may never speak before Congress, but I can speak into those around me. I can love and speak truth to those who are struggling to find their way. I can help walk them through their struggles without fear or judgement, but with a sound mind and alertness to the Spirit of God inside of me. I can pray and speak encouragement over the little ones in my life, so that they will grow up believing the truth of who God says they are in their deepest hearts for all of their days.

I don’t know how long of a life we are going to live. But I, for one, pray for the courage to live this life well. Every minute. Every day.old friends

And to value like crazy the LIFE that God has given to every person, young and old and everywhere in between. Because each one that I cross paths with or make eye contact with or speak with, I acknowledge and value, because that one is dearly loved by God. And as one called by God, this is what I have been called to…I have been forever adopted into the family and kingdom of God; now my highest passion should be to love God with all my heart, and then spread everywhere His heart for others–pulling them into the kingdom with me, if they will choose to come…choose to step in to LIFE.


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