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Making a Home

fall applesFor several weeks this summer, I thought that I might be moving apartments. The stress of looking for another place ensued…trying to find something that fit what I needed, only to end up staying where I am currently living. It was actually a good choice in the grand scheme of things. But I had already taken pockets of time over several days to pack up all of my breakables–mostly my tea stuff–in anticipation for an upcoming move. Then, once I decided to stay, I did not have the heart to unpack all of the treasures that had been so carefully and individually wrapped up.

teacup chippedToday I read this post by Myquillin Smith, and was once again inspired.
What do I want for my home? I want it to be a welcoming place, a place of peace, comfort, and laughter.
True, I am single and don’t have many people over that often, but when I do, this is how I want them to feel. And I need it for my own soul, too.tea spoons

The truth is, I haven’t had anyone over for months because most of my house has still been in the “half-moved” state. I haven’t set a toe in the guest bedroom (where my sister used to be), and the living room has still not been quite right since I’ve been moving furniture to my new part-time office. This, and the fact that I am in a new season of finding “where I fit” in several personal areas of my life, means that my house has continued to stay in a state of limbo for the most part.

So today I finally started unpacking my tea cups again…almost 3 months later.
With Walmart sacks strewn all over the living room floor, I listen to some of my favorite music, and began to ask myself again: “How can I make my home beautiful?”teacupsbookspillow and plantbook with note

It’s not about buying more things or creating perfect Pinterest projects. It’s about seeing beauty wherever we are and pulling it out to create places that bring peace and welcome to ourselves, our families, and those who come into our homes.

Sometimes I need to be reminded of this. 🙂


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