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About Ballroom Dancing

One of my friends from college once told me this story:
Christmas 1She was in a musical production and had to learn how to ballroom dance. She said that during one of the lessons her instructor blindfolded her. She went on to explain the the best ballroom dancing is not done by knowing the steps. It is done by following the lead dancer. Her instructor taught her the subtle taps or nudges of his hand that he would use to direct her in which way to step, turn, or spin. She had to learn to instinctively follow these little nudges, even when she couldn’t see what she was doing or where they were going.

Sometimes following the Lord is like that.
Actually, it should be like that all of the time. Many times, God does not speak to us in a loud, booming voice, or even in very obvious ways. He speaks in a whisper. I have to let my heart get quiet enough to hear. I have to learn to recognize the nudges of the Holy Spirit, and choose to respond and follow.

It may look foolish in the “natural,” but I know that if I follow where He leads (nudges), I will always be safe.


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