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God Moments

leaves“Office of the Registrar, this is Heather.”

I hardly ever answer the phone at work. Usually the main line gets picked up by one of the receptionists in my office, and I only answer if both of them are busy. Yesterday, this is what happened. I could hear that both were with a student, so I found myself answering.

It was the dad of an alumni student, asking for prayer for his daughter and her family, because her little baby was in ICU. As I listened, I realized that this was a God moment.

It was one of those moments that gets me out of my bubble. That makes me remember there are other people around me going through hard times; other people who are struggling; other people who need encouragement.

Toward the end of the conversation, I told him that I, too, was an ICU baby, and I know that God is still in the business of miracles. It wasn’t huge, but it meant the world to him–and to me.

God’s Spirit is not limited by circumstance or situation. He sees all of our hearts simultaneously, and yet ministers to each of our hearts individually. And as I lift my eyes to others around me and reach out in response to His prompting, I too am refreshed and renewed, because this is what I was created for. It’s not linear; it is cyclical. The more I give from my heart, the more I am filled. I am not drained. I do not lose any of God’s love.

Yes, there are times to get alone and rest and be ministered to…and I need to take these times when they are needed. But so much of life is lived in community. As we live life and bump into each other and rub shoulders together, we don’t have to just be in survival mode. What an opportunity to bless people! It doesn’t have to be huge, but even the smallest, most intentional act can change the course of a lifetime–because it touches the heart.

What does it look like for you to be intentional with those around you?

*Make a phone call
*Send a text with an encouraging word
*Write a note
*Speak life over someone
*Invite to Small Group
*Listen–really listen
*Bake and give some cookies
*Give a small but meaningful gift
*Serve (laundry, dishes, groceries, vaccuum…What needs to be done?)
*Make someone laugh
*Give a hug


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