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My latest project

imageI think I am becoming an accidental “do-it-yourself”er (DIYer), just because of the sheer fact that I don’t like to spend a lot of money on most decorating stuff. My latest project was for my new office, which had two chairs that were decked in the 60’s avocado green and bright orange.

I knew as soon as I saw them: something has to be done with those.

Hence, my search began for an easy, cheap, no-sew version of chair coverings. I know…that’s a tall order to live up to, but it actually turned out pretty well. Using this tutorial as a guide, I bought some canvas drop cloths for $10 each, along with some pretty ribbon to match my “bird’s nest” color scheme (blues, greens, browns, and cremes). I made mine shorter than the ones in the tutorial, and tacked up the front with thumbtacks.

Honestly, I didn’t even measure anything, I just went at it. That’s okay, right??image

Oh, and another thing: it’s important to iron the dropcloth before you tack it to the chair…I spent too much effort trying to get my thumbtacks into the hard wood seat bottoms of my chairs, and I wasn’t about to take them out. Let me just say that ironing with a portable ironing board was quite entertaining!

I ended up having left over material for another project that I can do later (I’m thinking pillows for my bedroom)! I’m hoping to eventually stencil (or Sharpie) a simple design along the top of the chairs, but my decorating projects come a little piece at a time…(In the picture below, I cut and attached material that I got on sale to the back of the bookshelves–with thumbtacks!)image

I’m quite proud of my results; I know it’s not great, but it’s way better than it was, and it helps make my office feel more inviting, I think 🙂imageimage


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