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A Kenya Moment

coffee cup 1I have never been to Kenya. But I have some friends who have.

One of them told me that she is a lot less OCD since being in Kenya. The reason is because, in Kenya, time is a lot more subjective. When a meeting is said to be starting at a certain time, it usually means that it will happen anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours later. (Now, this is not a knock on Kenya…it’s just pointing out the differences in perspective.)flower tablebookWell, this week, I had what I laughingly (to myself) considered a “Kenya moment.” I locked myself out of the house, and had to wait for my sister to return about an hour later. However, this time, instead of getting upset, I just went for a bike ride, and then watered the yard and sat on the back porch enjoying my flowers (the only signs of real life in my backyard right now). I probably would not have taken the time to just rest and breathe if it had not been for this moment.   daffodil daffodil 2 daffodil 3 sprinkler tulip yellow 2 tulips 3 tulips yellowI know that it may seem that I keep saying this, but I am learning that being thankful (even for the little things!) changes my heart and my perspective.

So, I am thankful for the “Kenya moments,” and those chances to just stop, reflect, breathe, and think about all the gifts (and people!) I am blessed with.


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