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Anticipating Spring

wreathI think the last couple of years, I’ve dubbed March 1st as the “unofficially official first day of spring” for me. Yesterday, I added a few spring touches to my house, including some fresh hydrangeas that I got to take home from a women’s gathering at church.

flowers 2I wish I had captured a picture of all the hands of these women raised in worship.
Serving on the hospitality team for this special morning, once everyone’s plates were filled and the buffet table was replenished, a few of us chose to join the others and enjoy the worship time. It was so good, so sweet…I think there is a special place in the heart of God for when His daughters come to Him. Yes, I’m sure that worship in a roomful of men is powerful and loud and strong. But when the women gather, I think there is something that turns God’s ears and eyes. The worship of a daughter is precious to Him. The worship of many daughters, I think, moves His heart.

worship teamAs we all stopped and prayed for a dear lady in our church who has been diagnosed with cancer, I was moved to tears. I remember the power of godly women in my own life, circling around and praying for me when I’d lost my hair to medical trauma, and the group of friends who threw me a surprise scarf party….Where would we be without friends, especially other godly women–who show how to love, to forgive, to speak life, to see good, to be creative, to be thankful?centerpiecetable 2

For this event, I was given the privilege of making the gluten-free goodies: Cinnamon Swirl Muffins and Gluten Free Sausage Balls. And of course, there was plenty of fruit, veggies, and sweet and spicy nuts. tableWhat are some ways you are investing in your own friendships, marriages, or other relationships?


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