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Making time…and dairy-free ice cream

This week, I read this article by Ann Voskamp, about making time in our lives. I’ve been thinking about this lately, and then this article intensified it…There are so many things that I thought I didn’t have time for. But it is a choice. I choose to make time for what I think is worth my time.

So maybe that means a shifting of my values, a changing of my perspective. Make time to: wipe down the sink, cut my nails (take care of myself), write a thank you note, wash the dishes, make lunch, call someone.

So what do you need to take time to do?

  • Smile
  • Play a game
  • Organize for 15 minutes
  • Sing out loud
  • Say thank you
  • Be fully present.

tea and bread 3On another note, my sister recently discovered this recipe for homemade ice cream in a bag. Tonight, we made it with a can of coconut milk (full-fat, stirred well), and it worked out awesome!! We will now be doing this when we crave ice cream, instead of spending so much money on the store-bought coconut ice cream that we occasionally splurge on. I did not take a picture, as I was too busy eating it! But I thought it would be great to share! šŸ™‚


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