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The Curious Healing Properties of Plants…

A couple of random thoughts that I wanted to share:

bulbs 2014I am constantly amazed at the resilience of flower bulbs.
It’s almost the end of January. Tomorrow and the next day are supposed to be very cold. But this afternoon, it’s beautiful outside, and I can’t stay in the house one minute longer. After a leisurely bike ride, I come back and sigh, as I survey my barren yard. Glancing at the flower bed, I silently wonder to myself: What do I want to plant this spring? All flowers? Or maybe some green onions or cherry tomatoes? I look down, and suddenly see the little green sprouts right in the middle where the tulips and daffodils have been lying dormant under the soil.
Here, in the midst of January cold, still the hopeful reminder: Spring is coming.

house plant 1~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
This is a picture of the state of my everyday life.
Right there, on my nightstand, my new asparagus fern waits for me to transport it this week to its new home at my office. The only problem is, every time I walk into my bedroom and see it sitting there, it makes me happy 🙂 I will miss it when it is not there (though I will smile now every time I walk into my office). I think that I may soon be buying another asparagus fern 🙂

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
And P.S…If you are wanting some good house plants to brighten up your winter decorating, here are a few that I’ve enjoyed and that are pretty hardy. Check individual tag directions for care, but most of these only have to be watered once a week (or sometimes less). Just make sure that you regularly pull off any dead leaves, and they pretty much grow on their own.

  • Pothos Ivy (can be snipped and rooted in water to make extra plants!)
  • Asparagus Fern (pictured)
  • Airplane/ Spider Plant (can also be snipped and added to soil for another plant)
  • Dracaena Planthouse plant 2

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