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A Peaceful Home

winter tableI wasn’t planning on writing about this next on my blog, but this morning I had such a revelation that I just had to share it. I am encouraged that God cares, even about the little things in our lives! 🙂 Here’s some thoughts from my journal…

I was praying this morning about my house…well, really, about the way that I take care of my house. I’ve noticed that I always feel behind, and like I can never catch up on all the things that I need to get done (inadequate). Sometimes it’s something “unnecessary” like putting up burlap curtains. Sometimes it’s a little more needed, like cleaning the (gross) bathtub or washing the growing pile of dishes.

Last week, a very wise woman told me and several other women about this: “It’s a choice.” And I’ve been thinking about that a lot. It’s a choice to wash dishes. It’s a choice to clean house. It’s a choice to create beauty and a welcoming place.

But I digress 🙂platesI’m realizing that God has been faithful: recently, He has been re-awakening in me the creativity He has put in me. I actually want to rearrange and decorate my house, which is something that I haven’t felt like doing in a long while. But then I turn around and make it into a “to do” list…and instantly feel miles behind.

So, in praying about it: Would You let my heart just open up to this creativity You’re awakening in me? And instead of saddling a list of rules on myself, would You just stir up my heart to respond…That out of peace, I would make my house into a beautiful home?

Yes, that may sometimes require scrubbing the toilet or sweeping the floor or doing the dishes when I don’t necessarily feel like it. But it can also be hanging curtains or arranging the centerpiece or draping fabric…It’s all part of building a home. And when I do it out of a place of peace, it becomes joy to me!

“I will beautify My beautiful house…” (Isaiah 60:7)
In this passage, God is saying that the sacrifices brought to Him–out of hearts that are right with Him–fill His temple with a good fragrance and make His place glorious.
In the same way, when I align my heart with God’s truth of who He says I am, I am able to respond in joy to the creativity He’s put in my heart. I am able to create and decorate and clean and bring beauty–making my home a place of peace.

“The wisest of women builds her house…” (Proverbs 14:1)


3 thoughts on “A Peaceful Home

  1. Other than the regular chores, like doing the dishes, make “To Do” list but break it up into smaller lists and work on one at a time. All of them can be over whelming, but at the end of the day as you go over the list, congratulate yourself on the ones that you accomplished, even if it is only one. Give yourself time to complete all the “To Dos”. As for the regular chores, wash dishes, pots and pans as you go so they don’t “stack-up” in the sink. A stack of dishes is more formidable, and that saps your energy. Clean the bathroom before you leave it in the morning. Make the bed before you leave the bedroom. Remember, clutter saps energy. Delegate work whenever possible. Congratulate yourself on jobs done and don’t beat yourself up over jobs not “yet” done.

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