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New Changes

snow treeWelcome to 2014!

With the new year comes new things for my blog….something I eluded to in my last post. I hope I kept you on pins and needles till now! 😉

As you can see, the layout of my blog is different. Also, you will see that the content is slightly changing. I still hope to post yummy gluten free recipes for you and your family to enjoy, but I’m also going to expand my posts to include things like gift ideas, fun crafts, and just thoughts about life. If you would like to receive an email each time I post something new, you may use the “Follow” link on the side to sign up.

I have an Etsy shop called Bitty Gifts that I started, and I’m very excited about featuring it here on the blog! I have crocheted clothing accessories, as well as handmade home accent items. You will see a link to my shop on the sidebar 🙂 werthers coffeeI changed the motto of my blog a little: “Finding Beauty in the Everyday Moments of Life.” I’ve written about this topic several times on the blog, and you can expect that I will again in the future. I’d like to continue exploring and sharing what I’m learning about being grateful for where I am now, seeing the possibilities, and embracing beauty wherever I may find it (even if it doesn’t look like what I thought).sewingIn no way do I pretend to be an expert on any of these subjects…I am definitely still learning and growing. But I hope that in my learning–as I share parts of my journey–you, too, may come away inspired to live a life full of beauty and gratitude…and perhaps seeing “everyday” life in a different light.

On that note, I would like to share a quote from one of the books that I’m reading right now (which is quickly turning into a favorite!):

“When we resist living within our ordinary days, we are in danger of losing a sense of ourselves. We don’t need to walk away from our routines and daily rhythms to find something more interesting. More often we need to wake up to them” (A Million Little Ways, by Emily Freeman, p. 118).

Sometimes we can feel like we’ve gotten lost in the “ordinary.” It’s so hard to see past the mundane ins and outs of life. But beauty can be found even here; we just have to open up our eyes to see it. My hope is that through this blog (and others that I will share), we may all come away inspired to be more who we were created to be, and live the life we were created to live–even in the midst of the ordinary. And in the process, my hope is that we would learn to be more grateful for the life we have, and find that it is actually, indeed, extraordinary.dandelion


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