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Around the World in 80 Recipes {and More!} – Part 4

I’m excited about the different resources presented today 🙂 If you missed any of the previous posts in this series, here are the links:
Part 1
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16. In the Land of Blue Burqas, by Kate McCord {Afghanistan}
blue burqasI first heard about this book from one of the blogs I follow. This is not a traditional book review, since I won’t be analyzing the book or author; instead, I just want to give some of my personal thoughts about how this book has affected me.
In this book, a brave woman (pseudonym protects her real name) tells about her decision to go to Afghanistan for 5 years, learn the language, learn their customs, and live among them. People in the Middle East love to share their stories as they open up their home, serve tea, and ask questions about each others’ families and beliefs.
This book has definitely stirred up the “travel bug” in me over the last couple weeks of reading it. Before this, I didn’t really know all that much about Islam or the Afghan culture. Here, Kate gives an in-depth look at the laws, customs, and the inner lives of the women behind the heavy floor-length burkas (the coverings they wear in public, that covers everything but their eyes). She tells about how she is able to share stories with these women of the truth of the Gospel through stories of the Bible and the parables of Jesus (these stories make so much more sense when understood within the context of this culture). This book challenged me to really know why I believe what I say I believe. Also, I can be bold and share what I believe, and how my life has been changed, but in the end, it will be the other person’s decision whether or not they choose to agree.
The layout of this book is really many different stories put together, both of the past and the present. But the easy-read format also draws you in. These stories touch places deep in the heart, and challenges you to look at your own life differently. This is definitely a book worth reading!

17. The Landfill Harmonic {Paraguay}
The incredible creativity of these young people blows me away!

18. The Baby “Drop Box” {South Korea}
This is an amazing story of one family’s courage to open their arms to abandoned little ones on the streets of South Korea. This family chose to say “yes” to these children and give them a loving home to grow up in. There is a short video at the end of this article that you should watch also.


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