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Another Look at Beauty…

lanternThis weekend I took my first trip ever to Fredricksburg, TX. I’ve wanted to go for years, and even though it was a short trip, I think it was well worth it. I love looking at all the pretty houses and browsing the cute little shops.wreathpeach tree tea room 1

sign 1towelsI don’t think the end result of this trip was to get away from life totally and never want to come back. Neither was it to get some grand new “revelation” about how I do life or my work or about my future (although part of me would have liked that). The end result, I think, was to remind me of beauty. (Almost like God is saying, “Don’t forget, this is part of who you are; this is good in you…”) To awaken my heart to dream again…to imagine, to create. And to remind me of this part of who God is, too. He is a God of beauty. He is creative, full of life. He makes everything beautiful…and I am His daughter…so no matter where I am, I can create beauty, I can bring life, I can be creative to see the beauty…
adobe wallI think this post from Christine Hoover about joy captures a good encouraging word for all of us…
“When we serve God with joy, we in a round-about way encourage others to serve God with joy. Artists appreciate another’s art, joy is derived from another’s joy, and passion feeds off and grows from another’s passion.”


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