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Entering Fall…

20130822-212535.jpgI started decorating for fall today. It seemed the perfect thing to do on a Saturday (along with some cleaning I’d already planned to do anyway). For me, changing the house for a new season is more of a gradual thing. It usually begins with my bathroom sink, then, over a period of several days or weeks, trickles into the rest of the house.
20130825-161855.jpgI love changing for new seasons. It gets me excited to commemorate something new, a change from my daily rut. Because there’s always “that time of year” (or maybe several times a year, or that time of the month) where we feel “stuck” in the same day-in and day-out routine.

Maybe that’s why God created seasons: to remind us that the season of life we are in will not last forever. That there is always a chance for something new.
20130825-162042.jpg(Even if you don’t buy new things every season, maybe because of a tight budget, it’s always fun to pull things out of boxes from the closet that you forgot were there…or just rearranging what you have will make you feel like you’ve got a new room!)
20130825-162013.jpgAnd even in knowing a new season may lay ahead, let me challenge you: Don’t let this season slip past. Learn to embrace what you have in this season (I am still learning this lesson, too).

Look for joy ~ Be thankful ~ Speak life ~ Laugh out loud ~ See the beautiful ~ Get creative
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Vanilla Almond Granola
(from Against All Grain)
After burning several batches of less-than-impressive experiments at granola, I finally got wise and decided to just follow someone else’s actual recipe šŸ˜‰ This granola is some of the best I have ever had! Here’s the link to this yummy recipe…And for those of you who are Paleo, here’s a paleo version of this recipe…I haven’t tried this version yet, but I’m sure it’s just as good!20130822-212456.jpg 20130822-212439.jpg


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