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Homemade fruit roll ups

20130722-192439.jpgI had a friend tell me recently that she makes her own fruit roll-ups with just fruit blended in the blender…as I began to look around at other recipes, I discovered this is actually quite common, especially for moms with kids. I myself had not actually had a fruit roll-up since I was a kid. I think the process of making them is what fascinates me the most! 🙂

20130722-192605.jpgThe fruit I used was 1 small watermelon (the size of a cantaloupe), and then 2 large mangoes. Just peel, de-seed and cut the fruit into manageable chunks to fit in blender, and whir away till liquified. The amount of fruit I used makes about 2 1/2 cups blended, and I put the whole thing on a baking sheet with parchment paper, and spread evenly. Don’t spread it too thin, or it will be of no use once the liquid evaporates. Of course, the watermelon was a thinner consistency than the mango.20130722-192150.jpg 20130722-192203.jpgBake in a low oven, about 170 degrees F. The average baking time is going to be 4-5 hours. The fine line between almost done and burnt is still hard for me to find (at least on the watermelon)…watch for the mixture to be still a little sticky, but no longer mushy.20130722-192547.jpg20130722-192139.jpgWhile the fruit is still warm, roll up the long end across, then cut into 1″ sections with kitchen scissors (the pieces rolled out will be the length of the short side). 20130722-192111.jpgLet cool completely. Store in airtight container; these can last for several weeks.20130722-192353.jpg 20130722-192058.jpg 20130722-192046.jpg


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