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Savoring the “everyday” moments

chopsticksMaybe you’re like I’ve been lately. I feel too busy to actually cook anything when I get off work. Fortunately, my sister helps with the meal planning and execution during the week. But there’s some part of me that still gets a pleasure from getting in the kitchen and cooking. So tonight I did. In less than 45 minutes, we had a new meal…Even if it’s just a simple veggie fried rice dish 🙂stir fry riceMinute brown rice + scrambled eggs + stir-fried veggies (green onions, bell peppers, carrots, water chestnuts) + ginger + gf soy sauce

Here’s some other simple ways to make your ordinary day into a little bit extraordinary:
– eat with chopsticks (ok, well, if this does not work, at least sit on the floor while eating it 🙂
– put fresh flowers on the table
– eat breakfast for dinner
– take random pictures
– sing to your favorite musical soundtrack
– do the happy dance, just because
laugh out loud
– write a note to someone special

strawberriessplit peassproutmighty leaf teajoy mug


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