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on my heartIn the past month, I have been given the privilege to be on the launch team for Christine Hoover’s new book, “The Church-Planting Wife: Help and Hope for Her Heart.” Christine is the author of the website, Grace Covers Me (www.gracecoversme.com). I have been reading Christine’s blog for about a year or so now. Here, she gives advice and shares stories with women (about kids, marriage, and life in general)–specifically for those involved in ministry, and especially for pastor’s wives. Even though I am not a church-planting wife (or a wife at all, for that matter…yet!), I have gained encouragement and truth from the things that Christine shares on her website and in this book. She is very open and honest about life, and it has encouraged me in my own journey.
revised moody coverI would like to take this opportunity to share a few take-aways that I got from Christine’s book.
First, however, I’d like to give a shout-out to my own pastors’ wives (you know who you are!!), who have personally blessed my life so much:
Over the years, God has placed on my heart the need to pray for and encourage the pastors’ wives at my own church, some of whom are church-planters. I am incredibly blessed to go to a church that has an amazing team of pastor’s wives, who embody the heart of Jesus.
“The gospel allows us the freedom, however, to listen and not have all the answers, to ask questions and not have to preach, to speak honestly and not recite formulaic responses, to hear and not make judgments, to love freely. The gospel is life; it brings life” (p. 83).
My pastor’s wives have done this for me. Each of them is a unique gift. They have prayed for me, encouraged me, challenged me, and inspired me (whether they know it or not!). They have shown me what it means to be real and honest and truly love people. Each of them in their own way have taught me what it means to be a woman, to enjoy things that are lovely, and to have a grateful heart. So, to all you wonderful women, thank you! đŸ™‚
church planting wife imageI, for one, find Christine’s book very helpful, because it gives me insight into what my pastor’s and other ministry wives go through. It gives me new compassion for them, as well as makes me aware of ways to specifically minister to them. And I also think this book is a good resource for many women in ministry, even for those who are not pastors’ wives.

Whether you are a church-planting pastor’s wife or not, Christine pinpoints the need for complete dependence on God within this journey we call life. And this is something I think we can all learn from. No matter what, people will fail us. Friends. Family. Even husbands sometimes. And we as women must go to God for our value and worth. Yes, God places people in our lives to encourage us and speak life to our hearts. These are gifts, wonderful gifts. But the ultimate source of our strength will always have to be God.

“The Lord never grows weary of demands, never needs a break, never
sleeps, never takes time off.
The Lord’s love, grace, mercy, and patience are endless.
The Lord says we can cast all of our cares on Him.
The Lord is an endless supply on whom we can ravenously feast.” (p. 43)

That is such an encouragement to me.

If you would like to order Christine’s book, The Church-Planting Wife, or would like more information, click here.
I’m linking up with Christine over at Grace Covers Me today as she releases her book, The Church Planting Wife: Help and Hope for Her Heart, and collects heart stories from church planting and ministry wives. Please join us (click here), and read others’ blogs about their experiences and how this book helped minister to them!


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