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Crockpot Lasagna – from A Year of Slow Cooking

OK, I know with the new year, people are going to be wanting more healthy foods.

But admit it: with it being mid-winter, and freezing, we all want good comfort foods. Well, what if we could have “comfort food” that is healthy, easy to fix, and delicious?? That’s exactly what I want to bring to you today. It’s Pesto Spinach Lasagna from A Year of Slow Cooking.
crockpot lasagnaI’m not sure why, but I have been craving lasagna all week. When I heard a co-worker say that he does almost all his meals in the crockpot–including lasagna–my interest grew. And when I found this recipe, I knew I wanted to try it. I couldn’t find GF lasagna noodles, so I subbed GF penne noodles. It worked just as well, though a few of the very outside noodles were dry (this is probably typical of this type of recipe).

I have a crockpot that is a little bit smaller, so I didn’t use quite all of the ingredients called for, but this is still a pretty good estimate. The only difference I noticed is that I only used about 8 oz. of the sliced mozzarella cheese…maybe just the way I layered it.

This is such a yummy recipe, and a good way to sneak in spinach (I tore up the leaves a bit). My advice on the pesto: make your own. Basil was not in stock at my local grocery store when I went shopping, so I ended up buying an insanely expensive jar of the stuff…So if you can make your own, all the better. Also, you could probably lighten it by using part-skim ricotta cheese and light mozzarella cheese as well.

What are you waiting for? Get your crockpot out, and put it to work! (click here for recipe link)
crockpot lasagna 2


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