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Gifts from the heart…and the kitchen

This year I rediscovered the wonder of homemade gifts.
homemade giftsWhen I was younger, I would take pride in planning and making my gifts for family members, whether it was a crocheted afghan or clay figurine or a hand-written “coupon book”–these gifts were also somehow a small gift of “me.”
artWell, over the years, I’ve gotten jobs and been able to actually buy my friends and family lots of lovely things, like candles or lotion or photo frames or books (or, let’s admit it…gift cards). And all of these have been wonderful. But then this year, as I was reaching the end of my gift list, I ran across this website with 75 homemade gift ideas–and my creativity was sparked.

If you are like I was, and maybe still have a few last-minute gifts to give, but the budget it getting tight, try looking through these ideas. Chances are, you’ll find something for that special person. And while you’re at it, let your creativity awaken. Enjoy the moment, get messy, try something new, paint with your fingers, laugh…
centerpiece 2And while you’re at it, if you would like to make a beautiful but easy gift from the kitchen, try this recipe for blueberry jam from Gluten Free Goddess. I’ve made this with apricots as well (check out my tutorial here!), and this is definitely going on my go-to list for good gifts. 🙂
apricot jam 1So during these last few moments of December, take a breath, slow down, make crafts with the kids (or make a mess all by yourself!), and enjoy this season.
christmas balls


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